Here be dragonfruits

Dragonfruit in Japan is bright purple on the inside. SY wanted to see, since his Chinese dragonfruit, while larger, is grey inside

unopened dragonfruit

unopened dragonfruit

opened dragonfruit

opened dragonfruit


5 thoughts on “Here be dragonfruits

  1. Geoff!

    Now that’s cool! Looks like a giant black-currant sorbet in a Pokémon! I guess it doesn’t taste like either, though, right?

  2. andrewgdotcom

    The big question is, does it taste any better than the grey version? I.E. does it have a taste at all?

  3. Marty Post author

    It does taste better than the grey one, but it doesn’t have a strong taste. A bit like a jigglypuff.

  4. karen

    I didn’t really like the taste. It looked like it should be flavoured like some berries but really it didn’t taste of anything much. The texture was a bit like kiwi fruit but the seeds were crunchier. Don’t know if I would eat it again.

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