Axe Wielding Maniac

I bought a small axe yesterday.  It’s great!  And it was fun using it to chop the branches off a small tree.  But the fun stopped when I sliced through the top of my thumb half way into my thumbnail.

This story would sound more dramatic and impressive if I finished it here, letting you believe that I injured myself with the axe.  But it wasn’t the axe that hurt me.  I was very accurate with the axe, and survived the branch removal with only three thorn stabs.  It was the cheese sandwich making that hurt me.  I’m blaming the deceptively dangerous cheese slicer.  Maybe I’ll chop it up with my new axe.

2 thoughts on “Axe Wielding Maniac

  1. SWM

    So you can chop a tree with an axe, but a chesse sandwich maker gets you.. Two words: NATURAL SELECTION.

  2. khaos

    Actaully I think Marty was just trying to find yet another way to convince me that it’s a womans job to make cheese sandwiches.

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