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Small Steps

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

I know I’ve been quiet.  I was hoping to write about my new pedometer and the number of steps I take each day.  But the first day I used it I had a migraine.  The first migraine I’ve had in years.  That was promptly followed by shingles, which I haven’t had in just over four years.  I haven’t been walking much.  I haven’t been doing anything much.

I’m contagious and should really stay inside.  But yesterday I snuck out and bought coconut milk so I could make a coconut cake.  I couldn’t find raspberry jam so I made a cream cheese coconut frosting to go with my cake.  I also decided to make a dinner that involved lots of chopped vegetables, multiple salads, and dips.  All this on a day when I shouldn’t have been allowed near a knife.  I was a wee bit clumsy.  Both the kitchen and I survived.

Today I want to exercise but I’m not well enough.  Another few days of this and my wall crawling won’t be metaphorical.