Japanese Christmas Food

I really like traditional Christmas food.  This year we are going out to Roti in Roppongi for Christmas dinner.

The Japanese have started to produce their own Christmas food.  I have been amused by the adverts from Moss Burger wishing people a “Happy X-Moss” and advertising some sort of chicken they plan to sell for Christmas.  Kentucky Fried Chicken produces their version of a Christmas dinner, described as a premium roast chicken, which is sold in a “roast chicken barrel“.  These are very popular and need to be ordered in advance.

The Japanese also have their own Christmas cake.  It’s expensive and made with strawberries and cream.  I’m not that fond of it but I eat it anyway.

Japanese Christmas Cake

Japanese Christmas Cake

2 Responses to “Japanese Christmas Food”

  1. Geoff! Says:

    ケーキだ!!!! (^~^)モグモグ
    I do like the idea of happy x-moss, we need a Moss Burger in Belfast… right beside the Yoshinoya please…

    What? Roti aren’t serving North Antrim turkey?

  2. karen Says:

    Nope. You want a traditional Christmas in Tokyo it’s probably going to be an American one. I don’t care as long as they roast the turkey!

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