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Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

At the minute there are three woman in my apartment helping out with the packing.  They seem overly concerned about the number of coins scattered about the place and have started to create a pile of these on the dining table.  I really don’t like small coins and even though I try to get rid of them when I am shopping I always seem to end up with far too many weighing down my purse.  The worst culprit is the Japanese 1 Yen coin (worth about a half pence in sterling).  So far they have found 101 of these in the living room.  They have also found eight 5 Yen coins, forty-one 10 Yen coins, nine 50 Yen coins, three 100 Yen coins and one 500 Yen coin.  It’s going to get much worse when they get to my bedroom.

I also have coins for many other countries.  But I wasn’t expecting to find coins from countries I have never been to.  Seems that it isn’t only me who doesn’t like these cluttering up their pockets!