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Moving Apartments

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

Marty and I are moving this week.  We have been told that it’s easy to move apartments in Japan but we are still finding it stressful.  First there is the expense.  We need to pay the agent, key money, and a deposit.  This comes to five months rent!  The key money is the bit I find strangest.  We have to pay the value of two months rent to the building owners as some sort of gift before we move in.

Then we need to pay the moving company.  We knew that this would be expensive and I started to investigate a variety of different companies.  But it turned out that there was no point in researching it.  The building we are moving into only allows us to use one moving company.  They told us that we are getting a discount by using them because we don’t need to rent “panels”.  I have no clue what the panels are for.

Actually “no clue” is starting to sum up the whole experience.  I have no clue what anyone has said to me on the phone when they have rang about the move.  I have no clue how to sort out the utility bills and services.  And I have no clue how I am going to understand the three woman who are coming to pack tomorrow morning.  At times living in Japan does leave me feeling clueless.