New Things

I’m always learning new things. Some people think that learning is only for the young but I don’t agree. So here are some of things I learnt last week.

* The word means one week.
* When Tony says to me “I know nothing” in a strange accent he is probably quoting Manuel from Fawlty Towers.
* According to 16th Century writers a witch was someone who had lost their soul through making a pact with the devil and was working to bring down God’s church.
* There were only 9 recorded witchcraft trials in Ireland compared to 3,500 held in Scotland.
* When practising the snow plough stop on ice skates I shouldn’t bend my ankles as I will end up going faster instead of slower.
* Men wear buttonholes at weddings on their left lapel whilst women wear these on their right.
* In order to get numbered bullet points on a kwiki a “0” should be added to the start of each line in the list.

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