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Bothersome Day

Wednesday, September 9th, 2015

The weather is awful.  The whole city is blanketed in grey and it looks like it will continue to rain through the night.  Since I’m locked inside to avoid being washed away I decided to sort out a few things on my computer.  That turned out to be a tedious waste of time that involved spending far too long reading error messages in Japanese.  Japanese error messages can be more than 2 lines long and turn out to be just be a list of apologies for something going wrong.  It would have been good if they could have explained what the “something” was so that maybe I could fix it.  I’m also waiting on a parcel that has been delayed because of the typhoon.  Normally parcels can be left downstairs but this one contains food that needs to be refrigerated.  I certainly don’t blame the company for being late in this weather but I’m still a big grump.

I’m going to try to improve my mood by eating multi-coloured tomatoes.  I’ve never seen so many different types of tomatoes in the store before and I’m intrigued. I love tomato so I’m hoping this experience will turn me back into a normal human.  That might be wishful thinking.