Strange Service

The hotel we stayed in during our Osaka trip had a spa on the same floor as the restaurant.  I ended up reading about their services on our first morning when Marty was sent back to the room to change his footwear.  (He was wearing the slippers the hotel provided, which is a fairly common thing to do at a Japanese hotel, but wasn’t allowed at this one.)  The sign describing the spa services was written in both Japanese and English.  I stopped reading when I came to “Head or Horn care”.

Odd Translation

Odd Translation

I couldn’t read the kanji so I had no idea what they had decided to translate as “horn”.  When Marty got back he looked it up in his dictionary and came up with “scaly horn”, which wasn’t much better.  After we got over our childish amusement we decided that the correct translation was probably “keratin”.

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