Drinking Out

I know it can be expensive to buy drinks in a restaurant in Japan but I can still get surprised.  On Saturday I went out for pizza in Akihabara.  I decided to order some cola as I was tired and thought that maybe the caffeine would perk me up.   The drink I got was in a small glass, probably around 200 mls, and it cost 400 円 ($5 USD, £3.20 GBP).  It was ridiculous.  I knew how much the drink would cost before I bought it but I wasn’t expecting it to be so small.  My friend ordered a glass of white wine.  He got about the same amount of wine and it was cheaper than my soft drink.  Next time I’ll stick to drinking tap water.

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  1. Mark Fowler Says:

    …is lots of rum and hardly any coke. Of course, it makes sense when you realise what is made locally and what has to litterly be shipped in. And coke is probably harder to make than wine when you think about it…

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