I ate too much chocolate over the holidays and I’m trying to find other sweet things to eat instead.  I just wish that fruit wasn’t so expensive in Tokyo.  I bought seven mandarin oranges and they cost me 630 円, that’s 76 pence (GBP) or $1.18 (USD) per orange.  I also bought strawberries.  They cost me 45 pence (70 cents) per strawberry.  They are expensive but at least they taste amazing.

The cost of the mandarin oranges surprises me as they are seasonal.  Strawberries are always expensive in Japan and the ones I bought were not the most expensive ones in the shop.  They were actually selling strawberries that cost £1.72 ($2.68) per strawberry!  They were perfect looking, but they are meant to be bought as a gift and not just for normal eating.

Japanese Gift Strawberries

2 Responses to “Fruit”

  1. Simon Cozens Says:

    Are you buying from supermarkets or from farmers’ markets? Supermarket fruit is ridiculous in Japan, but you can generally find it at a more reasonable price direct from farmers. I think there’s a market in Ueno somewhere.

  2. karen Says:

    I buy most of my food from supermarkets. Grocery shopping can be annoying enough without having to take a train. I suppose I could always cycle to Ueno and try shopping that way.

    My local supermarket isn’t bad for most things but I have noticed recently that fruit is much too expensive.

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