Japanese Hotel Room

Last night we stayed at the Plaza 21 hotel in Sakudaira.  It was the smallest Japanese hotel room I have ever stayed in.

Hotel Room

Hotel Room

Hotel Room - Looking Towards the Window

Hotel Room - Looking Towards the Window

I found it really hard to take a picture of the room because I couldn’t find anywhere sensible to stand.  The pictures don’t really show how small it was.  If I lay on the bed and stretched out I could touch the walls on either side of the room with the tips of my fingers and the points of my toes.  And I’m not exactly tall.

3 Responses to “Japanese Hotel Room”

  1. Jessica Marie Says:

    This looks like a little slice of torture.

  2. karen Says:

    Thankfully I was only sleeping there one night. It was incredibly hard to move around if Marty was in the room. Really awkward getting out of bed as I was over at the wall. And I’m really glad we didn’t have suitcases as I have no idea how there would have been room for us and these at the same time.

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