Beef Bulgogi

I wasn’t able to find the right leaves to wrap the beef bulgogi in. I ended up buying a large salad cabbage. It seemed to work well though I think Marty got a bit carried away…

Beef Bulgogi Marty Style

Beef Bulgogi Marty Style

2 Responses to “Beef Bulgogi”

  1. Hails Says:

    Ha ha! I get laughed at when I’m eating bulgogi, because I like to wrap up a bit of everything in my leaf – by the time I’ve done that, it’s a bit big to eat in one go. I always attempt it even though it’s messy, but then I’ve never taken it quite this far! Must get salad cabbage and try it Marty style…

  2. karen Says:

    He had such fun eating that. The cabbage leaves, which I normally see shredded, are huge. It’s one of his favourite foods and he also loves to wrap up a bit of everything and try to fit it in his mouth.

    Mind you he usually makes less mess than me. He claims I haven’t learnt to eat properly!

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