Creative Frenzy

I got email this morning reminding me that Script Frenzy starts in April.  The challenge is to write a 100 page script in a month.  This doesn’t interest me as much as the novel writing challenge NaNoWriMo did.  I’ve no idea what I would do with a script if I wrote one.  Mind you that’s not a particularly good reason not to try; after all it’s not like I let anyone read the novel I wrote in November.  I then thought that it might not interest me because I’ve never written a script before.  But the more I thought about it the more scripts I remembered writing.

I wrote my first script for a play when I was 10 years old.  I have no idea what it was about but I can remember the rehearsals with the members of my primary school class.  After that I wrote sketches for the drama team I was part of, and I can remember quite a few of those.  I continued to do this until around my third year as an undergraduate.   I realise now that I stopped doing quite a few creative things at that point.  I stopped sewing clothes, knitting, playing the clarinet, and writing.  I suppose I had to focus on my science degree and getting qualifications so that I could find a job.  Or maybe I just changed the focus of my creative energy, as it was at that time I started to learn to program.  I did continue to compose music until my mid-twenties but at some point I stopped doing that as well.

In the past year my desire to be creative has led me to knit, sew, write, sing, and play.   The odd thing has been the reactions of other people.  When I told one friend that I liked to knit in the evenings they started to talk about how I could maybe sell the things I make.  When I said I wanted to write I was asked if I wanted to get a book published.  When I sing I’m asked if I want to get a job singing somewhere, or heaven forfend, if I want to audition for something like the X-factor. And last week when I was altering clothes I was asked if I was considering becoming a clothes designer!

Is there only value if there is money involved?  Why can’t I write for the sheer pleasure of seeing words form on the page.  Or knit so I can admire the material and the patterns I can make?

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  1. Stray Taoist Says:

    Money involved? Yes, yes there does. Or at least something high(er) up the symbol stack.

    As it happens, the current (mental) book I am reading (sort of) addresses this issue. Hippy capitalism is a bit odd, but he makes a somewhat intriguing case. Money/pop culture/frivolous entertainment are what drive us onwards.

    Value, you see, your symbol expressed in another way.

  2. Jessica Marie Says:

    Mmm, yes my mom is very concerned about this, always telling me to turn my hobbies into money-makers. Then they wouldn’t be hobbies, would they? That’s half the point.
    Then again, my mom’s only hobby is exercising, and she works at a gym…

  3. karen Says:

    @marc I aware that there are a variety of things that motivate me. I think I just get surprised that the one most mentioned to me is money.

    @jessica For some people their dream job involves their hobbies, but I think I’m more like you and want my hobbies to remain just as they are. I imagine that if I had to knit for a living that I would grow to resent every row.

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