The Blue Mountains

Yesterday, armed with maps and Google directions, Christine and I set off to see the Blue Mountains.  I was impressed that we didn’t get lost as I didn’t have a lot of faith in directions like, “drive for about 53 minutes and then turn left at Yeaman Brce”.  I didn’t think that we would ever find the turn-off and I have no idea what “Brce” is an abbreviation of.  We actually made the correct left turn but not because of the directions.  Christine had been to Katoomba before and thought that it would be a good idea to go that way.

We checked into our hotel and spent most of the afternoon being pampered in the spa.  Thankfully, once we have finished, we decided to go for a drive before dinner as otherwise I would not have seen the Three Sisters as today the whole area is blanketed in fog.

Three Sisters, Blue Mountains

Three Sisters, Blue Mountains

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