Scary Bugs

When people come to visit me in Tokyo we get to have conversations about earthquakes and tsunami.  Now that I am in Australia I get to hear about natural disasters and the threat from wildlife.

The sea looks so beautiful but I don’t know how I feel about sharks and jellyfish.  I do know that the thought of killer spiders made it hard for me to sleep last night.  Christine has told me stories of these deadly bugs being found near beds and in shoes.  This did wonders for my imagination as I could imagine them crawling about my bed in the dark.  Every time my skin tingled I feared that some creature was sharing my bed with me.

She has a chart – just in case I forget that tiny arachnids with white tails can cause horrific ulcerations to the skin or that the ones with red backs can kill.

Deadly and Dangerous Spiders

Deadly and Dangerous Spiders

2 Responses to “Scary Bugs”

  1. Jessica Marie Says:

    You had better warn Chastity before she sees this poster; it will traumatize her.

    I hope you survive the land of deadly beasts!

  2. karen Says:

    I’ll do my best. I’m trying not to get too paranoid about them.

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