I Am Not An Australian

I went out this morning to take some pictures of the beach and sea.  I also bought some groceries to make myself a light lunch at the apartment.  On my way back I was stopped by a couple of British men who wanted directions to somewhere.  One of them had pointed at me and said, “There’s a native we can ask”.    I smiled and told them I’d only been here one day and that I couldn’t help.

I assume that they thought I was native because I wasn’t wearing beach wear and I was carrying groceries.  But really I don’t look like the Australians in Manly.  The thing that sets me apart is my white skin.  I am so pale.  This is a beach resort where the streets are full of people dressed for water sports or a day in the sun.  Their skin is either red from sunburn or a golden brown colour.  I look as if I have never been out in the sun.  This is a look I will continue to have as I wear sunblock when I go outside.

That last time this happened I was in Tallinn, Estonia.  Maybe all the travelling I have done has taught me how to look as if I belong somewhere.  If only I could find a way to look more Japanese…

Manly Beach, Sydney

Manly Beach, Sydney

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