Sydney – Day 1

I used to tell people that I liked to travel but really I like to arrive.  The journey to Sydney wasn’t too horrible and I had been warned about the queues for immigration and customs.

I didn’t know what to expect but so far Sydney is beautiful.   My sister-in-law lives in Manly overlooking the beach.  The sun is shining and whilst I sit and relax I can watch the more energetic people outside.

Apartment View, Manly, Sydney

Apartment View, Manly, Sydney

3 Responses to “Sydney – Day 1”

  1. sis Says:

    Hello,it really does look beautiful sis. My kind of place.

  2. sarah mcdowell Says:

    awk karen your so lucky you have been everywere :O:O so not fair i was on ur blog so a faught id leave a wee comment miss u karen when u comming home come c me on the 1st of april and that could be the best present ever :):)

  3. karen Says:

    It is really beautiful. You would love it. Miles of beaches out there. And lots of people surfing, cycling, jogging, skating, and swimming.

    @Sarah – sorry I won’t be able to make your birthday this year. I’m sure you’ll still have a great time though.

    Miss you both too 🙂

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