Cherry Blossom Time

Since I am flying to Australia in the morning I am probably going to miss seeing the cherry blossoms bloom.  It was rumoured that these would be open in time for today’s holiday but the predication date has moved to next week.  Marty and I went to Ueno Park today in the hope to see at least a few flowers.

Trees in Ueno Park

Trees in Ueno Park

We weren’t alone in our quest as the park was full of people trying to take pictures under the few trees that have started to bloom.  We even saw a couple of Hanami parties though most people will wait until the trees bloom.  The park will look stunning when the trees open but the beauty may be marred by the thousands of people who will party there and the large numbers of bins that are being put out the part to cope with the rubbish.

Bins in Ueno Park

Bins in Ueno Park

4 Responses to “Cherry Blossom Time”

  1. sarah mcdowell Says:

    bins ? i dont get it :S
    haha xx

  2. karen Says:

    Every year when the cherrytrees bloom lots of people go to the park to have parties. There will be thousands of people in Ueno park over the next few days. Instead of them having to take their rubbish home or leaving it lying around the park service puts out lots of large bins.

    The only problem with this is that having huge bins makes the park look less beautiful.

  3. Geoff Says:

    Neil and I were admiring two cherry trees in blossom after his swimming lesson on Saturday when at precisely the same time a nice gent came on the radio to inform us that the official tree in some shrine in Tokyo now had more than 10 blooms! What are the chances of that!

  4. karen Says:

    Not sure. But you were looking on the day that was predicated for the start of the season in Tokyo 🙂

    Maybe you just have an eerie connection to all things Japanese!

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