First Sign of Spring?

On my way back to the apartment today I noticed a young woman standing outside the local police box.  She was smiling sweetly and chatting to two policemen.  I couldn’t help but wonder if she was there to report her lost skirt.  From where I stood she looked as if she was wearing a coat, black tights, and shoes.

She wasn’t the only woman I saw today who was missing a skirt.  It’s not that warm yet but I get the feeling that mini skirts are back.  When the weather improves I may actually get to see some of the skirts but for now these are hidden somewhere underneath winter coats – or at least I hope they are.

3 Responses to “First Sign of Spring?”

  1. Stray Taoist Says:

    Errr. Short skirt. By phone box. Talking to police. Black tights.

    Did she have a pile of postcards in her coat? Was she sticking them in strategic places in the police box?

    My conclusions as to what this scene represents somewhat differ from yours… 🙂

  2. karen Says:

    That would never have crossed my mind!

    And the city is full of woman in really short skirts and black tights. I assume it’s something to do with fashion.

  3. Stray Taoist Says:

    Fashion, eh? That is something The Kids know about, isn’t it? My youngest knows of such things.

    I know it is degenerately sexist, and it was swm who first told me it, but with mention of short skirts and the first sign of spring, I give you:

    Oh dear. Rereading that, it isn’t even funny. Ah well, let myself down. Again.

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