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Messy Apartment

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

I rang Marty when I arrived at the airport yesterday morning.  One of the first things he said was “please don’t shout but the apartment is a mess”.  And he really wasn’t joking.  The reason I am writing in my blog is to try to avoid looking at the mess.  I got up early planning to clean but I am fed up cleaning already.  I have visitors arriving on Sunday so I can’t avoid the mess for long.

It’s hard to believe that I have only been away for a couple of weeks as every room is horrible.  From here I can see the dirty towels thrown around the bathroom floor.  The handrail, for the hand towel, has fallen off and is lying on the floor.  The wooden floor in the hall is covered in dust and hair.  And I can smell the overly ripe bananas that he has left out on the kitchen counter. I don’t want to go back into the kitchen as every dish is dirty and there are quite a few used teabags on the work surfaces.

I noticed that Marty has also been blogging.  Wish he had done some cleaning instead.