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Short Tempered

Saturday, July 5th, 2008

I realised that my infection was affecting my mood when I found myself yelling at the screen, “come on Lewis, get out of the gravel, your granny could qualify better than that!”.

Marty came to my rescue with a cold compress for my swollen face, steam and olbas oil to help clear my sinuses, hot tea and dark chocolate for some chemicals they contain, and paracetamol for my fever.

Back Home and Ill

Saturday, July 5th, 2008

I haven’t written anything for quite some time now. I am hoping that next week I get to catch up on my blogging though that depends on how well I feel. I have a chest infection that combined with the heat and jetlag is making me feel quite bad. Normally, when I feel ill, I make myself feel better by reading something fun but my sinuses are so bad that the left side of my face has swollen and my left eye is sore, bloodshot, and throbbing.

My sister and niece are visiting and they are disappointed that I haven’t been able to go anywhere with them. Throbbing eye or not I’m still going to watch the F1 qualifying.