Quiet Times

I don’t seem to have had much time lately to write in this blog. We use blogs in work to record details of every task we complete. I posted 7 entries today – just over 2,200 words. Writing in work is much easier because I know what I’m supposed to be writing about. I really not sure what to write about here.

I’ve been very busy lately and there are lots of things that I haven’t got round to doing. I would really like to organise a meeting. It seems that all the spare time I have for doing Perl related things has been going into the organisation of YAPC::Europe. I would like to get to sleep earlier. I should really be asleep now but I find it hard to get to sleep when Marty is away. I need to finish putting the Christmas decorations away. I’ve just noticed that the Christmas tree lights are lying in a corner of the living room. I only got round to putting the Christmas tree out last weekend. I really need to tidy up my living room. Tony pointed out yesterday that it’s quite difficult to get across the room to put a disc in the DVD player for fear of falling over something. I could continue with the list of things that I need to do but I’ll only scare myself.

Where does all my time go? It seems that working full-time and studying part-time has taken over my life.

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