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A Short Sharp Slap

Wednesday, December 11th, 2002

I went to hear Stan Slap speaking in Belfast yesterday.

The blurb about the event stated:

Stan brings a fresh approach – if not a revolutionary approach, to the issues of business strategy & organisational development.

Not convinced that I would have described his presentation on strategy and leadership as being “revolutionary” but it was fresh and very enjoyable.

He spent about an hour presenting his “Seven Deadly Sins of Strategic Implementation” and another ninety minutes of so talking about leadership.

He discussions kept coming back to company culture. He made the point that management are not part of their people’s culture and that we (the managers) would never know what the true company culture is. He also stated that every culture needs to know what the rules of survival are. As management dictate who survives in business and who doesn’t – employees spend lots of time watching the behaviour of the company management to determine what these rules are. And it doesn’t matter what we say the rules are if we don’t live them.